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Recordings and Materials from the 2013 User Interface 18 Conference

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Jumpstart Your UX Research Program

Christine Perfetti

Lead enlightening tests to discover where your users are hitting roadblocks in your design. Start to pinpoint where your organization can truly innovate.


Plan the first 90 days of your UX research program

  • Winning techniques for choosing your first project and getting buy-in
  • Common problems of typical usability testing that can compromise the data
  • How to start your project, which risks to consider, and the time it takes to run a full study plan studies and design tasks

Organize studies, recruit participants, and design tasks

  • Which questions are most important to your stakeholders
  • An overview of usability study goals, methods, and outcomes
  • The differences among verb-based, scavenger-based, and interview-based


Moderate usability tests and user interviews

  • Moderating tips for gathering more data from test participants
  • The 3 roles of moderators: flight attendant, scientist, and sportscaster
  • How to run effective interviews and observe people in their natural environments

Analyze data and skillfully present results

  • KJ and journey-mapping activities to identify users’ real pain points
  • How to resolve users’ biggest frustrations with design innovations that stakeholders love
  • Ways to lead workshops that motivate teams to take action and improve the product

You’ll make data-driven decisions, confidently

Ask the right questions

Hear the basics of how to run effective research with usability and field studies. You’ll learn which questions to tackle so you can help your organization now and in the long-run, too.

Pinpoint where you can innovate

Discover who your audience is, how they’re different from your most valuable customers, and what their biggest pain points are. Locate the gaps that pose real opportunities to innovate.

Speak your stakeholders’ language

Snag the ear of stakeholders by quickly and easily taking the findings from your studies and translating them to the business risks and opportunities. You’ll get your manager listening.

You'll learn how to:

  • Conduct the exact research your team needs
  • Interview participants to discover what’s working or not
  • Confidently plan and run solid studies, consistently
  • Prioritize research findings using the KJ technique
  • Use journey mapping to understand your user’s path
  • Be a strategic partner who gets stakeholders excited

4 Practical Takeaways from Christine’s Workshop

A starting point and realistic process to follow

Walk away with a 90-day plan for gathering essential data from — and about — your customers.

Data your organization actually needs

Break a cycle of research-speak without real action, group buy-in, or consistent follow-through.

Tools and activities to involve everyone in research

Involve stakeholders throughout the research process and moderate studies to maximize data.

Persuasive presentation skills

Describe the immeasurable value of your research findings in terms your team can get behind.

This workshop includes several hands-on exercises.

You’ll work individually and in groups to walk-through a typical usability test, outline a 90-day plan, set up recruiting, design tasks, and practice moderating. You’ll also practice interviewing, use KJ and journey-mapping techniques, and conduct a small usability test before learning to sell the research to stakeholders.

Christine Perfetti, UX Researchess

@cperfetti on Twitter

To say we’re huge fans of Christine Perfetti would be an understatement. After all, she was once the VP and Managing Director here at UIE before founding Perfetti Media, where she coached clients on design and research best practices.

And those coaching skills are exceptional; she regularly receives outstanding marks from workshop attendees and seminar listeners. Christine’s practical approach to design and research is refreshing, and she also uses tons of case studies to illustrate various techniq

Some of those examples come from her impressive client list, which includes companies like Cisco WebEx, Carbonite, the Neat Company, and GlaxoSmithKline, among many others.

Christine is the Senior Director of User Experience at Acquia, where she is responsible for driving the company’s UX research and design processes. She also was the Director of User Experience for Carbonite and taught Human Factors at the Tufts University Gordon Institute for Engineering Management.

So, in short: get ready for an absolutely superb workshop.